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Christophorus Chapel

ANNO 2016

For a number of reasons we built a a small chapel next to our 350 year old large-leafed lime tree. It is designed for around 20 people and is intended to be an open and insightful space for those who are interested. The Jakobsweg also passes here on the section where it branches off to Maria Kirchental. The fountain invites hikers and cyclists to enjoy some refreshment. It is an ensemble, with the little church, the fountain and the lime tree creating a harmonious concept. St Christopher, was chosen as the patron saint – well-known as the patron saint for drivers and travellers.

"Das wichtigste Stück eines Reisegepäcks ist und bleibt ein fröhliches Herz"

Gasthof-Bad Hochmoos

Familie Schlechter
A-5092 St.Martin bei Lofer Nr.3
Salzbuger Saalachtal
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