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Analyses and balneological assessments of the peat at Moorheilbad Hochmoos:

Dr Herbert Greschonig of the Institute for Balneology at the University of Graz carried out the prescribed analysis in accordance with the Salzburg law on health-promoting substances and spas [HKG] in June 2012. In summary, the peat at Moorbad Hochmoos can be considered well-composed, primarily organic upland moor peat. It has a very good water-holding capacity, good thermo-physical properties and favourable chemical and physical properties. The upland moor mud at Bad Hochmoos is hygienically perfect and balneologically significant.



Chronic rheumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, post-treatment of the effects of injury or surgery, gynaecological disorders: chronic inflammation of the genital organs, cycle disorders, sterility, menopausal symptoms, vegetative/hormone disorders in the pelvis minor, convalescence after gynaecological surgery.


Serious heart and circulatory diseases, acute inflammation and febrile illnesses, bleeding and risk of bleeding, malignant tumours, psychosis and seizure disorders, tuberculosis.

With regard to covering costs, it is recommended that you contact your responsible health insurance provider before undergoing treatment. We do not deal directly with health insurers. A treatment with a lasting effect generally lasts three to four weeks, and is usually positively influenced by additional massage treatments.



Please note: Moor mud baths can only be administered upon presentation of a prescription from a practising doctor!


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